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These comfortable motorcycles are ready to take on the open road— packed with modern technology and amenities to ride around town or longer road trips.

Essential Power

Baggers dominate kilometers with high-displacement engines that may be air-cooled or liquid-cooled.

A Personal Touch

Available in a wide variety of styles, baggers let riders choose anything from a heritage-inspired design to a blacked-out modern masterpiece to suit their tastes.

Room for Your Gear

Saddlebags offer plenty of storage for riding gear, cargo, or anything else you need to hit the road.

Wind Protection

With a customisable selection of frame- and fork-mounted fairings and windshields, baggers keep you from being knocked around and chilled by the wind.

Meet The Family


Indian Springfield

Starting at $39,995 MSRP (includes GST)
Chieftain Dark Horse

Chieftain Dark Horse

Starting at $42,495 MSRP (includes GST)
Chieftain Limited

Chieftain Limited

Starting at $43,495 MSRP (includes GST)
Indian Challenger Limited

Indian Challenger Limited

Starting at $44,995 MSRP (includes GST)


Born out of early 20th Century military necessity, bagger motorcycles have transcended eras to become icons of the road. Since their introduction, Indian Motorcycle has epitomised the combination of style and substance that defines the class. This year is no different.


Usually equipped with hard bags and a windshield or fairing, this is a bike known for its versatility. Easy to personalise to your own purpose, baggers are designed to handle anything the road dishes out.